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Wood Logs

Biomass Fuel Pellet with Wood Logs

Wood Logs

I. Physical characteristic:

1. High moisture content;

2. Large size, normally diameter more than 10mm;

3. Attached with bark, thus in high ash content condition;

4. Relatively lower density, high strength, continuous texture and long fiber structure;


II. Processing technique

1. Crushing section: 

First size reduction, turning the long & crude logs into wood chips within 30-50mm (L*W) The capacity won’t be affected by the moisture content. 

Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs

2. Pulverizing section: 

Seconadry size reduction, when the capacity is not large, as well as the logs moisture less than 45%, the wood chips from previouse section will be futher pulverized and grinded into sawdust, within 5-8mm. The capacity could be strictly affected by the moisture content.

Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs

3. Drying section: 

To produce pellets it is important to  reduce the moisture into 10-15%, thus after reducing the size of all materials, they need to be dehydrated by a dryer. The capacity could be strictly affected by the moisture content.

Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs

4. Pelletizing section: 

The full process is a complete physical change. By the spinning of the main shaft, it drives the rollers of the pellet mill to push the materials into the trumpet haped holes of the pellet mill ring die, and the materials are firmly compressed into shape. There are no any chemical adeheres are applied at all.

Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs

III. Machines 

a. Drum Wood Chipper:

Applied with fortified feeding roller units, hydraulic station, high-precision blade shaft carrying blades made of special blade steel, the drum wood chipper could easily crush the big wood logs and reduce the size into 30-50mm wood chips. Also, the machine is a well developed product, which is very easy to be operated and outstandingly stable, designed for long-time operation and highly robusr & reliable.

Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs


b. High Efficiency Hammer Mill

Equipped with high-speed rotating main shaft and high-toughness alloy hammers to beat and crush materials to produce small-sized materials. Available for grinding various forestry and agricultural wastes such as biological straw, stems, wood chips and wood branches. Good stability, collective sturdiness and durability, simple operation and maintenance, high capcity.

Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs

c. Triple Pass Dryer

The triple-layer-drum design of the dryer with the refractory insulation our side, the thermal efficiency of the drum self-insulation is more than twice that of the traditional dryer, and the thermal efficiency is increased by 50%. Compared with traditional dryers, it can reduce the floor space by about 50%, the civil construction investment by about 50%, and the power consumption by 60%. Also equipped with temperature alarm, fire detection & distinguishing system and interlock to guarantee safety.


Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs

d. Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill

The new generation vertical ring die pellet mill is designed especially for producing biomass & wood fuel pellets. The most outstanding feature is that the vertical machine’s main shaft is driven by higher torque from the reducer, and producing pellets in higher density and good shapes. The pellet diameter could be fully customized accoding to customer demands. The vertical ring die pellet mill is very easy to oprate and maintain, cover very few lands, and could bring more profits than traditional machines.

Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs

e. Countercurrent cooling machine

When the pellets are freshly made out of the machine, because it’s from fully physical work, the termperature is very high, could up to 70-100℃, thus with the help of the cooling machine, not only the pellets could be cooled down to less than 40℃, but also it could store the pellets for a while, stressen the pressure of packing & convening sections.

Biomass Fuel Pellet With Fresh Wood Logs

V. Operation videos